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9/18/06 - Austin, TX, "Austin City Limits"

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9/18/06 - Austin, TX, "Austin City Limits"  Empty 9/18/06 - Austin, TX, "Austin City Limits"

Post  Cokelike Mon 26 Aug - 0:30

9/18/06 - Austin, TX, "Austin City Limits" 

Setlist (incomplete):
The Greatest (sound problems)
The Greatest - 3:37
Living Proof - 3:35
Lived In Bars - 4:10
Could We - 2:25
House Of The Rising Sun
I Dont Blame You - 3:08
Cross Bones Style - Nude As The News - Satisfaction Medley - 7:56
Interview - 0:47 - Chan sings a bit of ''The Rambler'', also part of the interview below.
Interview - 10:05 
Total Time - 35:43

The was the 57th performance of the year. The performance was recorded for the long-running "Austin City Limits'' TV Program. 
The times above reflect what was aired on the program. I seen a lot of references that say this was recorded on 9/17/06, but the band was at Stubb's BBQ that night and the reviewers below say, ''Monday night'', and ''9/18/06''. So I will go with 9/18/06 on this. The program aired on PBS on 12/30/06 and included The Raconteurs playing 5 songs after Cat Power's segment. 

In addition to this, a 10 minute interview was also aired, though I am not sure when or where. She talks about making the album and her childhood.

My copy of this is DVD and I also have an AVI, I have the 10 minute interview in MP4. 

Though the taping reportedly did not go well, this is, IMO, the best video I have seen of the entire ''The Greatest'' tour. Even, though much video remains unreleased, this is likely the best pro-shot video of Chan with this band that there is. 

Here is the full list of what I think was recorded to video professionally from this tour, only counting the concert performances:

4/29/06 - Indio, CA, "Coachella Festival" (band) - Possibly webcasted. 
6/16/06 - Manchester, TN, "Bonnaroo Festival" (band) - Pro-shot, but I have never seen this anywhere.
6/21/06 - London, England, Barbican Center (band) - Pro-shot?, I think clips of this were aired on BBC, a few days afterwards.
8/12/06 - Saint-Malo, France, "La Route Du Rock 2006" - Pro-shot for TV Program.
9/15/06 - Austin, TX, Zilker Park, "Austin City Limits Music Festival 2006" - Pro-shot, but I have never seen this anywhere.
9/18/06 - Austin, TX, "Austin City Limits" - Pro-shot for TV program.
10/28/06 - Las Vegas, NV, "Vegoose Festival" - Streamed on the internet.
11/15/06 - Memphis, TN, Young Ave Deli - Videotaped by VH1?, I dont believe this ever aired. 

So really, only 8/12/06, 9/18/06 and 10/28/06 are the ones that are available. 

AUDIO of the broadcast here - http://www.mixcloud.com/sinlopez/cat-power-2006-09-17-austin-city-limits-university-of-texas-austin-tx/



 The chance to see Cat Power & the Memphis Rhythm Band tape an episode of Austin City Limits on Monday night outweighed my concerns about catching up on sleep/cleaning up the house/enjoying silence in my own home.

And what a show it was. Chan Marshall (who is Cat Power), you see, has a bit of a, um, reputation. She leaves shows mid-set, has nervous breakdowns on stage, and had some substance abuse problems, to put it mildly. The guy in front of us in line went to her show in Los Angeles last year, during which she played six songs, then climbed into the rafters, sang three songs with Jack Black, yelled, "I dropped my vodka," and left. The guy in front of us in line said, "I wanted my $47 back." (Which show was THIS? - Cokelike)

All this is funny, but it's also very sad, because Chan Marshall is an amazingly talented musician. But things are changing, maybe for the better. Marshall has sobered up and she held it together for her ACL festival set on Friday.

Monday night started well. She is backed on this album and tour by The Memphis Rhythm Band, which includes Teeny Hodges, who's part of Al Green's band. The band is amazing, and it was so cool to see them in a tiny setting like the ACL studio (which holds about 300 people). They rocked out, and, more importantly, kept Cat Power going, even as she talked about the voices in her head (she was serious) and danced to beats the rest of us weren't hearing.

Then the band left so she could tape a few solo songs. She talked with the audience for awhile and then launched into the most beautiful version of "House of the Rising Sun" I've ever heard. But she couldn't get through it. She tried and tried and tried and kept getting through two or three verses and stopping. Her manager came up and had her sit down and she tried again and got a little farther, then gave up and moved on to something else.

It was so sad. I was sad that all of you wouldn't get to hear that song, because it was beautiful, transcendent, not entirely of this world. But she finished the solo songs and gave it another try and got the whole thing laid down, and, wow. If they don't air it on the show, it will be a huge error in judgment.

All in all it was a beautiful way to end a week of music. Cat Power was great and just crazy enough to make it interesting, and her band was amazing. I need a nap.



 More of the same tonight (9/18/06) at the taping of her Austin City Limits show to be aired on PBS next season. She was so unprofessional and erratic. I was convinced she was on drugs and about to have a melt-down on the stage. I’d never seen her before and from what I’d read, I expected much more than this.



I'm sure Austin City Limits will edit out all the mishaps the audience sat through. Her ACL show will air for 30 minutes, and there is a little more than 2 hours of footage for the show to work with. It will all look good in the end after a lot of edits. The show started 20 minutes late with two songs by the Memphis Rhythm Band. Then she was introduced, entered and performed a song. She complained of feedback, left, was introduced a second time, and performed the same song again. Later in the show, her guitar amp was unplugged, and her amp was the cause of the whole problem. There were many stops and restarts, with the worst being her performance of ''House of the Rising Sun'', where she restarted 5-6 times, each time sounding the same. She complained that she, ''wasnt feeling the song'' and wasnt up to performing today or performing solo. She ordered the crew to take the guitar off her monitor and how she'd be able to project more with it gone. Still sounded the same. She then gave up on the song, and went on with more missteps to follow. Later she returned to the song she skipped and sang it through. She apologized about 30 times through the night, said her voice was bad, ''Sorry guys'', etc. It came across as insincere fishing for compliments. Each time it worked on a few audience members, who encouraged her with, ''I love you'', ''You sound perfect'', ''You're great'', comments. I was surprised that the audience accepted this treatment. The band overwhelmed her voice. She sounded better solo, but seemed to lack confidence without the band. One of the backup singers seemed to baby her and pump her up. Another strange incident was her kissing one of the singers of the Memphis Rhythm Band and calling him ‚ ''Mr. Make-out''. He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then she went for the mouth. She cleared her throat a lot and had the on again off again with her long sleeved shirt here too. All the energy in the room is sieved to her. I didnt feel entertained. I am not a fan, I didnt become on Monday night, and I was really glad my tickets were free and I did not have to pay for that.


The Complete Broadcast:

The 10 Minute Interview:

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