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The Dirty Delta Blues Band

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The Dirty Delta Blues Band Empty The Dirty Delta Blues Band

Post  Cokelike Sun 12 Aug - 4:49

Since it seems appearent that the Dirty Delta Blues Band is no longer Chan's backing band I thought I'd post some of my favorite video clips featuring them. The DDBB backed Chan longer than any of her other previous backing bands. From 12/2/06 in Barcelona to 2/9/12 in Istanbul.

The Dirty Delta Blues Band:
Gregg Foreman - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocal
Judah Bauer - Guitar
Erik Paparazzi- Bass
Jim White - Drums

The thing that sticks out for me is that on a lot of the earlier shows the band kind of continues what the Memphis Rhythm Band were doing. "Could We" and "Satisfaction" were often done in this real upbeat rave-up style and other songs were really upbeat. However, later on, in 2008 concerts would be more mid-tempo with songs from the Jukebox album. And by 2010, some concerts were seemingly almost all slow songs. There seemed to be a gradual drift towards slower material.

Here are some clips that I thought were interesting:

12/2/06 - Debut performance of the DDBB. First 2 songs, "The Greatest" and "Living Proof":

12/5/06 - "Crazy". I think this is much more rocking than the Memphis Rhythm Band versions.

5/1/07 - "New York, New York". Early performance.

5/7/07 - DDBB Soundcheck with Chan on drums.

6/5/08 - "Silver Stallion". "And get the fuck out of here..."

10/26/08 - "Fortunate Son" with Neil Young.

7/21/09 - "Sea Of Love" with xylophone.

5/21/10 - "Metal Heart". Everybody sang along to everything at this concert. thumbs up

10/2/10 - "Dont Explain". From the Matador at 21 Concert.

7/3/11 - "Ruin". Paris.

2/9/12 - "Jam". Istanbul. With Chan on drums, this is the last DDBB live song from their last concert.

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The Dirty Delta Blues Band Empty Re: The Dirty Delta Blues Band

Post  Nicolaoua Sun 12 Aug - 10:23

First time that i see footage from Chan singing with Neil Young! thumbs up
The singalong version of Metal Heart is terrific: i knew that this song was a potential anthem!

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