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2/13/04 - Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall Of Williamsburg

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2/13/04 - Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall Of Williamsburg Empty 2/13/04 - Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall Of Williamsburg

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2/13/04 - Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Incomplete setlist:

American Flag

After some canceled January concerts in Taiwan. Chan plays her first shows of the year in NYC still using her You Are Free back-up band, again with Matt Hartman on guitar. Following this were two shows at the Knitting Factory on the 15th and 16th.

Fan Review

Saw Cat Power live, saint valentine's eve in Brooklyn, NYC, heart of Williamsburg, land of the cool, at north 6th, venue of the high school auditorium-esque. Chan shines, shines bright thru the night cover your bright eyes this is the real-ness of being. Ms. Marshall opened with her group, featuring Matt on guitar and Margaret on violin. A fancy man the drummer was him. Chan herself sounded soft & strange, with child eyes and heart & strings. she moved thru the fair, a number of those from "You Are Free". After a set with the group, Chan took the ivories by her lonely. Started with a new one, a soft one, a one we are & have been waiting for. We want more. A few other new to-me-ears cheers, I heard inbetween sips of beers. Chan sounded good, confident, every song straight thru. The audience was sweet, attentive, appreciative. A number of couples nearby smooched, myself too shy to look. The band came back at the end, to finish the eve, "American Flag" was the closer indeed. A perfect set, no encore, and none was needed cause how could she give more? Everyone smiled, some people frowned, some girls were sad & some boys looked down. But we all were together in the sadness of being. Chan takes us with light and just keeps on seeing.

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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