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9/13/03 - Fremantle, Australia, Fly By Night Club

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9/13/03 - Fremantle, Australia, Fly By Night Club  Empty 9/13/03 - Fremantle, Australia, Fly By Night Club

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9/13/03 - Fremantle, Australia, Fly By Night Club

Incomplete setlist:

Good Woman
I Dont Blame You
Cross Bones Style
Try Me - These Arms Of Mine - I've Been Loving You Too Long - Fuck The Pain Away Medley

This was the 7th performance of the Australian tour. Women & Children opened. Chan had her band with her for this performance.

Fan Review

Fly by night is a "musicians club", a sort of Coop. Beyond cool. It was evident that Chan was very into this club. She was hanging out with a lot of the people there. She appologized several times stating "I so wanted this to be a good show I am so sorry". The audience was extremely receptive. Someone said "I don't know what the fuck you are listening to but this is great". Before the show she came out put her hand on my shoulder, sat behind me and said "I keep wanting to talk to you but I am afraid you are going to hurt me". Dead silence. I left shortly thereafter. Some guy came out and I got some really bad vibes. Had to split but came back for the show. I don't know what that was all about but I didn't like it at all. It really effected me. I just couldn't grasp (and still can't) as to how or why that impression was taken. Utterly shocked and appalled.

She was much different when on stage. "Cross Bones Style" was added to the set list to my complete suprise (as if an appology). When the song came up she broke down. Really started stressing out. I told her to play what the fuck she wanted and that I never wanna her that song again (Please Mr. Please). The show progressed. Only one request was honored "Satisfaction". Few if any aknowledgments of requests. It was a good show despite frequent appologies for it being otherwise. I have trouble recalling songs for this show, I think due to the dominance of the preperformance comments. Another departure from standardization. This is what I like most about Cat Power. Just never know what the fuck is going to happen. Very interesting.


Matador Forum Member Reviews

I went to the Fremantle show and it was very unique. Women and children were very good. And when Cat Power finally hit the stage and messed up a song, the crowd was getting a little upset and thats why she was so pissed off.


Chan isn’t always switched on to put in a performance that she is oh so capable of. So I didn’t have well defined expectations going to the Fly By Night Club show. But to be honest it was just kinda awkward at some points. As an audience how can you respond to someone, who is up there on stage filled with what seems to be all this anxiety and self disgust? I certainly wondered if it was us causing it. I just wanted her to chill, and not try so hard to be good, and perfect. And the feeling I got from the audience was the same, but the more people in the audience including myself, starting yelling out stuff like ‘just let it be’ the more I could see her getting worked up. And all in all it was just a strange experience, but only increased the intrigue factor for me. Oh and I got to tell her about Lancelin getting bombed by the US, so that was cool.

But yeah she still has it, as shown by the last song of the night that she belted out. Was it an Otis Redding song? The band rocked on that one too, in fact I thought the band were great- when they played. The violin was magic on Good Woman, the keyboard on I Don’t Blame You kinda strangely melodically jolly. Was some very interesting guitar melodies done to give songs surprising new slants and twists. Just a shame that Chan’s voice didn’t hold out to be able to do justice to them. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see her at her best on this night, but I don’t blame her.

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