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9/19/03 - Surry Hills, Australia, Gaelic Club

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9/19/03 - Surry Hills, Australia, Gaelic Club Empty 9/19/03 - Surry Hills, Australia, Gaelic Club

Post  Cokelike Thu 5 Jul - 3:48

9/19/03 - Surry Hills, Australia, Gaelic Club

Incomplete setlist:

I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

This was the 9th performance of the Australian tour. Founder opened.

Matador Forum Member Review

I went to the Gaelic Club gig. Yes, she was drunk. Again. But probably not as drunk as described in the Basement/Metro posts.
What happened on the night from what I can remember:

She DID sing most of her songs from beginning to end (but no 'He War' or 'Shaking Paper'). She sang 2 White Stripes songs – 'I want to be the boy to warm your mother's heart' + 'Dead leaves on the dirty ground' (which sort of made up for no 'He War' or 'Shaking Paper'). There was a part where she seemed to be looping one song or not finishing the song and starting again or singing a number of songs non stop on the piano. All I know is it went on for quite a while and it sounded like one long song. The violinist <--- amazing! It adds so much depth to her songs. She had a sunflower on top of her head for a bit while mumbling/chatting with the crowd. She complained about the sound a lot, which lead her to talk a lot more rather than sing. Random people shouting and cheering "dont worry about it..just sing.." After one of her songs she told us all to sit on the floor. We were very happy to do so (well I was! my legs were killing me). It was a lot more comfortable while listening to Chan. Very relaxing. For her last song she hopped off stage and into the crowd and, as she sang, she made her way into the middle of the room (the security guard frantically wading through the crowd after her!). People made way for her and gathered around her. Then she sat down on the floor and half the crowd soon followed. It was an amazing sight. Huge grins on people's faces (especially the ones beside her). It was both hypnotising and amusing to watch at the same time. We all knew she was drunk and that she probably hardly knew what she was doing, but at the same time she sounded AMAZING and the whole situation of her and the crowd (us!) gathered around as if we were all sat around a camp fire watching a mate of ours sing. Now if only it was a sing-a-long song... After the song, she made her way to the stage but couldnt get on it so she walked back through the crowd and into a side door. then after a few minutes she pops up on stage and thanks everyone then disappears backstage.

My two highlights of the gig were the White Stripes covers and the "campfire" finale. My thoughts on the show: still rather disappointed and annoyed that she was drunk. It did mess up her performance. Very unprofessional. Could you imagine what her shows would be like if she was at her full potential? I can only imagine, but will not dwell on it. I'm now very reluctant to see any of her future shows. I cant keep spending my money on half-arsed performances, though spontaneous as they may be. You can be just as spontaneous and be totally sober at the same time at a performance. It's just a lot better to see someone you adore in a not so pitiful state. With that said, drunk or not, her voice sounds amaaazing live.

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