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7/30/05 - Reykjavik, Iceland, Nasa, "Innipukinn Festival"

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7/30/05 - Reykjavik, Iceland, Nasa, "Innipukinn Festival" Empty 7/30/05 - Reykjavik, Iceland, Nasa, "Innipukinn Festival"

Post  Cokelike Thu 2 Aug - 8:31

7/30/05 - Reykjavik, Iceland, Nasa, "Innipukinn Festival"

Incomplete setlist:
Blue Moon - Try A Little Tenderness - All I Have To Do Is Dream Medley

A festival date which I think is Cat Power's only Iceland appearence.

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A phenomenal singer-songwriter whose minimalist compositions have sometimes painfully great depth, Chan Marshall was not in good form on this occasion. A lot of this had to do with the fact that she remained sitting near the front of stage right for her entire set, thus ensuring that anyone on the floor more than six people back couldn’t possibly see her.
The vocals were surprisingly weak for this normally strong and textured singer, who most of the time continued to sing into the air around her microphone, instead of into it. The set was beyond subdued - a whispered conversation near the back of the venue was audible to people halfway from the stage. Anytime someone made a sound, it was heard so clearly that it would rouse a shushing fit loud enough to drown out the music.
Half the songs Cat Power played were covers, including a sweet medley of the Everly Brother’s “Dream,” “Blue Moon,” and “Try a Little Tenderness,” but also the threadbare-worn “Satisfaction” without any surprises. She seemed to lack confidence when she played her own songs, at one point ending a song abruptly and mumbling, “That one’s a bummer. They’re all bummers.”
Yup, that’s the sound of a good time. Cat Power ended her set with an asinine song that involved a lot of whistling, and left. There was no encore.


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She was really good in Reykjavík she play throug the 1 hour and 5 minutes but that was the time that was ment for her in the music festival and the best thing was...I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH....(doesnt it say love under the heart with an arrow through it?)
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