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10/2/04 - NYC, The Eugene, "New Yorker Festival"

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10/2/04 - NYC, The Eugene, "New Yorker Festival" Empty 10/2/04 - NYC, The Eugene, "New Yorker Festival"

Post  Cokelike Thu 26 Jul - 6:37

10/2/04 - NYC, The Eugene, "New Yorker Festival"

Incomplete setlist:
The Greatest
Wolf Among Wolves
Up & Gone
The Moon

Now in NYC, Chan appears at the "New Yorker Festival" to perform and have a "conversation" with Ben Greeman from New Yorker Magazine.

Matador Forum Member Review

Saw Cat Power last night live at the New Yorker Festival in a funny posh venue called The Eugene on 24th street. For all you kids who didn't go I am sorry for you this was a good one. First off, you gotta free glass of wine with your ticket so that almost made up for it was so expensive. Next if you thought all you was gonna get was talk talk talk you was wrong cause she sang sang sang.

All the big Cat Power fans from Cincinnati, Ohio sat in the front, very fun bunch very in touch. Cat Power took the stage with Ben Greenman, very low key, soft lights & all. There was a piano onstage so we knew we were happy. there was a Q&A, some questions, some answers, very funny, learned some new stuff about Cat Power you may not know. Good times. Then the audience asked some questions of their own, one boy inquired about "Shaking Paper" and what does it all mean. Chan said it has to do with an idea. Like Louis Armstrong sang "I get ideas", you get the idea.

After the questions part was the art part, Cat Power took to the ivories and if anyone had any doubt there was no question that lady sings the blues, she's got em bad. Even the guy who works in the bathroom later, I asked him when I was washing my hands, which I always do its dirty not to, I said what did you think of the show and he said "that lady can sing" meaning she has a voice like u-know-what beautifulness.

She started off with a beautiful take on "Willie Deadwilder" then onto "the kid" or "the champion" that one I think it's called that starts like "Once I wanted to be...", then it was over to the reverb-y guitar for "Wolf Among Wolves", "Up & Gone" (I think its called) and that "six feet underground" one, you know the pretty song I'm talking about she plays it live alot its great.

Chan sounded wonderful, her voice very nice, beaucoup de reverb and so slow & dreamy, I think everyone was happy also including me.

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