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2004 Summary

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2004 Summary Empty 2004 Summary

Post  Cokelike Thu 26 Jul - 10:12

2004 Summary

I want to preface this post by saying I am still working on a complete chronology of all of Chan's concert appearences/radio sessions, etc. I'm sure there are some performances I am missing from my list. Any help would be most welcomed!

Did you see Cat Power in 2004? Do you have any memories/pictures/recordings you would like to share?

We'd all love to hear from you. Very Happy

In addition, I'll be moving on to posting information on her 2005 performances and so on, so really anything that anyone would like to contribute would be great!

2004 Summary 4-4-0418

2004 had Chan touring much less than 2003. With her latest album out for over a year, it seems she used the down time for composing, as a number of new songs appeared in her setlists. Among them, "The Greatest", and "Lived In Bars" would appear on her next album, "The Greatest" in 2006. She also made some high profile appearences at the "All Tomorrow's Parties" festival and "Austin City Limits". This was also the year of "Sittin' On A Ruin", which was talked about to bewildered audiences at several shows. Also, "Rad" by Smoosh seems to have been her song of the summer. It appears she made 45 performances this year.

The following is a list of recorded performances from the year. I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I know about. If anyone has something not listed, we'd all love to hear it as well! The ones in BOLD are recordings I would love to get a copy of and review. Can anyone help out?

3/24/04 - Camber Sands, England, "All Tomorrow's Parties" - 28:09
5/4/04 - Atlanta, GA, The Earl - 57:39
5/22/04 - San Diego, Casbah - Video
6/26/04 - NYC, East River Park- 34:28
6/26/04 - NYC, Prospect Park, "Neil Young Tribute Concert" - 3:45
7/30/04 - NYC, St. Marks Church, Audience
9/16/04 - Dallas, TX, Dallas Museum of Art, Horchow Auditorium - 1:14:59
9/17/04 - Austin, TX, Zilker Park, "Austin City Limits Festival" - 5:00
9/17/04 - Austin, TX, Zilker Park, "Austin City Limits Festival" - Rest of concert
9/21/04 - Austin TX, Austin City Limits Studio, "Austin City Limits"- 5:00
12/3/04 - Hudson, NY, Time And Space Limited - 1:13:29
12/4/04 - North Adams, MA, Massachusettes Museum of Contemptorary Art - Audience, possibly recorded

Out of the above that I have heard, I would list the following as essential:

5/4/04 - Atlanta, GA, The Earl - She seems to be in a great mood for this one. Plus, "Sittin On A Ruin".

6/26/04 - NYC, East River Park - All around great concert.

9/16/04 - Dallas, TX, Dallas Museum of Art, Horchow Auditorium - Great concert and some rarities at the end.

12/3/04 - Hudson, NY, Time And Space Limited - Bridging the gap between "You Are Free" and "The Greatest".

"Speaking For Trees" DVD - Her only release of this year and also her only DVD release.

Unanswered questions:

Were there any other additional Australia dates than I what I have listed (6/16-19/04)? Were there any more than this?

When were the exact dates and venues of her Taiwan shows, at the "Leaf International Festival" (additionally, when and where did she play there in 2003)?

Did this show happen? 7/16/04, NYC, Volume, "John Kerry Benefit" (w/ Mike Fellows and Hisham's (formerly of Black Dice) new band)?

Did this show happen? 8/7/04 - London, England, Bush Hall (w/ M Ward)?

Did this show happen? XX/XX/04 - Portland, OR, Roseland Theater (w/ Bright Eyes, M Ward)?

Any help would be much appreciated. Smile

2004 Summary 9-18-016

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