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5/4/04 - Atlanta, GA, The Earl

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5/4/04 - Atlanta, GA, The Earl Empty 5/4/04 - Atlanta, GA, The Earl

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5/4/04 - Atlanta, GA, The Earl

Could We - 3:23
The Party - 3:22
Wolf Among Wolves - 3:23
* Sittin On A Ruin - 3:51
Willie - 9:46
Why -> Norma Jean - 4:13
Talking - 4:32
Empty Shell - 3:15
Blue Moon - Try A Little Tenderness - All I Have To Do Is Dream Medley - 4:05
I Dont Blame You - 3:46
Jump Baby Jump - 2:17
The Moon - 3:22
Islands - 2:02
Remember Me - Try Me - These Arms Of Mine - I've Been Loving You Too Long - Remember Me Medley - 7:57
Total Time - 59:07

This is the first concert of a 10-date tour of the US through May (an 11th concert, 5/18/04, Tuscon was canceled). Chan's last 2 concerts at The Earl did not go so well. However, she gives a great performance here. This is one of my favorite concerts. Entrance was the opener.
* Fifth Ruin mention.

This was originally recorded onto minidisc and converted to FLAC. Thanks again to Brandon for sharing this with us. The sound quality of this is really good.

"Could We" - Chan plays this on guitar. She plays the intro but then stops to ask "Did you guys like Entrance?". She then restarts the song. This is the earlist version of this song I've heard. Chan goes on to play this and several other new "The Greatest" tracks in many concerts this year. This early version seems pretty much complete.

"The Party" - Good take on this rarity.

"Wolf Among Wolves" - Chan is goofing around at the beginning of this, obviously in a good mood. Really good take.

"Sittin On A Ruin" - Suffice to say this whole bit is some of the funniest Cat Power audio. I love that she gets the audience to sing it.

This video has a small clip of the song "Ruin" from a 2012 concert at the end.

"Willie" - Chan is now on piano. Running for about 8 and half minutes, this is for sure one of the longest Cat Power concert tracks. "I love Red Bull! I love Red Bull! Maybe I'll try for a sponsership, Red Bull shoes, Red Bull cap. Is Red Bull here tonight?", Chan says at the end.

"Why -> Norma Jean" - "This is an older song that I'm playing now these days", Chan says. Good take. At the end she goes into the piano chords for a seldom performed song I think is called "Norma Jean". She usually doesnt sing much of this, here not words at all. And it's usually paired with "Names", but appears here with "Why".

"Talking" - Chan smokes a cigarette and says she is going to do her Keith Richards impersonation. She then chats with the audience for a minute and plays some bluesy guitar licks.

"Empty Shell" - "This is kinda a love song, kinda", Chan says. Now back on guitar. Another early version of a track from the "The Greatest". Not a bad take.

"Blue Moon - Try A Little Tenderness - All I Have To Do Is Dream Medley" - Solid take on this medley.

"I Dont Blame You" - After a false start, Chan begins the song, again on guitar. Out of all the songs on this concert, except for "The Party", this is the only track she played that wasnt an unreleased cover or unreleased original at the time.

"Jump Baby Jump" - "Do the disco, baby, do the disco, baby". Chan plays about minute and then restarts the song. Not her best version. She mentions the original artist, Jessie Mae Hemphill at the end.

"The Moon" - Again, a song that would appear on "The Greatest". She first started playing this in 2001. This version is so funny with Chan going into different accents at the end, I think I hear a scottish accent. Laughing

"Islands" - This is the 5th "The Greatest" track played at the show. Great take.

"Remember Me - Try Me - These Arms Of Mine - I've Been Loving You Too Long - Remember Me Medley" - "This is Guy from Entrance", Chan introduces him as he sits in on guitar. Chan sings wonderfully here. She does two verses of "Remember Me" before going into some lines of "Try Me", with some great vocalisations. "This is like complete serious, these songs are like my favorites song in the world... ever," Chan says. She then goes into "These Arms Of Mine", for about 2 verses. Then verses from "I've Been Loving You Too Long". Then out of nowhere she says "Play the fucking chords Guy, you're fuckin' twiddlin' like a fuckin' diddlier". Laughing From here, back into some verses of "Remember Me" before the song ends. This is a highlight of the show.

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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