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3/15/03 - Fort Worth, TX, Ridglea Theater

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3/15/03 - Fort Worth, TX, Ridglea Theater Empty 3/15/03 - Fort Worth, TX, Ridglea Theater

Post  Cokelike Sun 1 Jul - 0:17

3/15/03 - Fort Worth, TX, Ridglea Theater

This was the 24th performance of the tour.

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I saw the show in Fort Worth last night, and although it was a decent show, I was not that impressed.

First of all, she did not seem to be very into the performance. She didn't like the venue (The Ridglea is a transformed movie theater with a very large high-ceiling main room), probably not the best place for someone with a sensitive ear for acoustics. I would imagine her shows have more of an impact in a more intimate environment. There were the usual breaks for sound checks, mic adjustments, etc. She "hated her new amp." It seems almost cliche, like she's doing it just to do it now. I didn't get the feeling that it is a stage-fright quirk, almost that it's her "calling card" so to speak. She kept apologizing for the show. Even Chan thought that it wasn't a good performance. Self-doubt, self-pity, self-loathing came out all night long. Perhaps she was in a depressive valley at the time.

I read a review of SXSW which was the previous night in Austin, and the reviewer said the same things. Chan was "sorry", the sound was off, etc. I guess I don't understand. After 6 albums I would think one would know how to perform a live show. Especially when you have paying customers.

I'm happy that tickets were only $10. If it had been any more, I would be more disappointed. I will continue to be a fan, but I will probably refrain from another live show.

Just my two cents.


I have to say that I disagree with your opinion of the show Saturday night in Fort Worth. I was there, and although it was also my first Cat Power show, it was better than I expected. Yeah, the sound was kind of messed up if you were close to the stage like I was... the sound (especially the vocals) are rigged to favor the back of the room. I've read enough reviews of her shows to know that Chan is not your "normal" performer (if there is such a thing). She has always been very shy and introverted on stage. Stopping and starting songs, fooling around with the sound people, apologizing, etc is normal for her. It's just her way. It's all worth it to me to hear her sing. In a way it makes things more intimate to me.

Another thing I liked was that the audience was quiet and attentive. It seemed like the people at this show were mostly true fans. And it seemed to me that Chan was having a relatively good time in spite of the fact that she generally does not like performing on stage. I've heard of other shows where there are inconsiderate people talking, and yelling stupid things at her, which can completely derail her.

I think that all of this stuff about her being crazy and whatnot is a bunch of crap. We all have our own personal demons and our own way of exorcising them (or not). It turns out Chan's way results in a beautiful gift that she gives to all of us.

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