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love letter to 'Moon Pix'...

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love letter to 'Moon Pix'... Empty love letter to 'Moon Pix'...

Post  Astro Tarot Fri 14 Aug - 6:48

He Turns down. Into a spiraling bliss of acoustic thunder, the unsteady beat of dissonance cuts through the floating guitar. The vocal drifts over the sharp notes. Words of a wise woman. She elevates her power, a genuine power, one that captures listeners in a symbiosis of prediction, premonition, and wonder. Her advice advocates for a truth that time and fortune are always intertwined.She declares the future in lyrics of persuasive seduction. Grasping to hold on too long, until something is lost, not gone. To resolve itself again and again. A changing tide drifting the ocean back, forward, and back again… Paced by a savoy trick-play, the nature of the music is honest, and acceptance is a virtue. Delicately the sparse feathers of improvisation, caress of the devil lunging towards the inner peace of a human being quiet with herself, writing love letters to her best friend. Seeing unbelievable things, in-between everything. In-between intervals that transfer light into darkness, the moon rises and the stars reverberate under a stark black night. A musical rendition of the lunar cycle. She took a stand against the world, against her new friend, against being "less difficult". And her heart sings with an unrivaled grace, an unmatched beauty, a sultry rhythmic infliction in a magical vocal box contextualizes psychic power. Playing hard, hardly playing hard to get, and being "less difficult". Someone holding on to what they know is what they are meant to do in life. The motivation of mistakes makes itself apparent in every move made. What's the use, to be used by the music, the possession of power vs. the power of possession. What defeats people is a double confession.
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