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6/23/03 - Cork, Ireland, Half Moon Theater

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6/23/03 - Cork, Ireland, Half Moon Theater Empty 6/23/03 - Cork, Ireland, Half Moon Theater

Post  Cokelike Sun 1 Jul - 7:45

6/23/03 - Cork, Ireland, Half Moon Theater

This was the 78th performance of the tour. Kelly Joe Phelps opened.

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I thought it was one of the most amazing gigs I've ever been to, more like an experience than a performance. I not gonna argue with anyone who says otherwise but then I briefly met Chan and talking to two young teenagers (and their dog) that she met on the street and brought to the gig so I was clued into much of the head scratching. It was like Lou Reed's TAKE NO PRISONERS album, the difference being Lou talked in between and during songs, Chan played a few songs in between talking. Oh, apparently Chan is playing with a band on this tour except in Ireland and Portugal to answer that question.


Yeah went to the Cat Power gig, didn't have/still don't any of her records, just heard she was good so went along. Never have I been to such a thing as it. You couldn't really say it was a gig as ........actually there was no word for it.

I'm all for individuality, believe me, and she surely was that but........god I don't know, what the hell was that thing.

It was my first gig on my own and it put me off, I was so bloody uncomfortable with the whole situation. I came to hear her music, if she's an entertainer, as she perhaps likes to think of herself as then someone should have pointed that out prior to anyone going. Her music (the whole 6/7 songs that she actually played) was beautiful, I really loved her voice but god, I'd never go again to see her.

I don't care about the money spending but the time wasting wasn't fair. It's pathetic that she thinks she can charge people for what she offered at the halfmoon gig. What an ego she must have to think that anyone would want to listen to that amount of blabbering on. At first it was amusing and refreshing to see a different approach to a gig but an hour in, I wanted to run out, staying only for the hope that she might get on with it towards the end. God help anyone else that has to put up with her and not be aware of her preformance records. I'm not a cynical person and I never generally complain about gigs but her........I only looked up this thing to see if I had gone truely mad or really was it as bad/mental as I thought it was.

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