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Cat Power Discography Error on Wikipedia

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Cat Power Discography Error on Wikipedia Empty Cat Power Discography Error on Wikipedia

Post  Cokelike Sun 10 Aug - 21:41

Perhaps one of the more Wiki-minded among us can correct some errors for the Cat Power Discography on Wikipedia. 


^ ''Sad, Sad Song'' by M. Ward is listed. I've heard this track, I dont hear Chan anywhere on it. Its true she covered it live and on Speaking For Trees, but she isnt on the M. Ward album. 

Under Promos, the music videos for ''The Greatest'', "Cherokee" and "Manhattan'' are missing. "From Fur City'' is not so much a music video as a live performance clip included on a Benjamin Smoke Tribute DVD. The music video for ''Maybe Not'' listed is not an official video, AFAIK. Looks just like a fan-made thing. 


''The original 1995 release of the album by Runt Records featured a total of only eight tracks; however, the 2001 re-issue by Plain Recordings featured the addition of the song "Great Expectations", giving the album a total of nine tracks.''

The 1995 Runt 6 release included "Great Expectations", but it was not listed on the sleeve nor the vinyl.


^ ''It was released in 1996 on the Smells Like Records label, but songs "We All Die" "Top Expert" "Rockets" and "Fiance" were recorded at the same time of Dear Sir, her previous album. "Great Expectations" is a different (live) version than the one that appears on Dear Sir and "Enough" is a demo of the song that later appeared on What Would the Community Think?''

Firstly, I dont understand why 4 songs are singled out as being recorded at the same time as Dear Sir. *ALL* songs must have been recorded at the same time as Dear Sir. The only exception being ''Not What You Want'' as this one clearly sounds like something she recorded on a cassette in her bathroom. I dont think its ever been stated when this was recorded (though it very well could have been the same time period as Dear Sir was recorded). The sound and mixing style on all the other tracks is identical to Dear Sir. 

Secondly, ''Great Expectations'' is different but not live. It sounds exactly the same as the Dear Sir version, with the only difference being that you can hear drums on this take and some lyrics are slightly different. Both takes had to have come from the same session. 

Thirdly, ''Enough'' shouldnt be classified as a demo of  WWTCT track. I think the take on WWTCT should be called a remake (similar to how she has remade King Rides By and Metal Heart). 

Fourthly, it should be noted that ''Rockets'' appeared here as the exact same take as the Dear Sir version. 


^ According to Cat Power: A Good Woman by Elizabeth Goodman, several songs on the album - "No Sense," "Say," "Metal Heart," "You May Know Him" and "Cross Bones Style" - were written "in one deranged night,"

"No Sense'' was played live prior to the night she recorded most of the Moon Pix demos. Should not be included in this list.


^ ...the band would go on to perform ten previously unreleased songs over the course of the tour; including "Cherokee", "Ruin", "Real Life" and "Human Being", as well as another six that would later be excluded from the album—"Bully", "Brave Liar", "Horizon", "Let Me Go", "Monster" and "Woman of My Word".

"Sun'' should be listed in place of ''Human Being''. ''Human Being'' did not debut live until after the album was completed.

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