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4/21/05 - Malm, Sweden, Kulturbolaget

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4/21/05 - Malm, Sweden, Kulturbolaget Empty 4/21/05 - Malm, Sweden, Kulturbolaget

Post  Cokelike Tue 31 Jul - 8:52

4/21/05 - Malm, Sweden, Kulturbolaget

Empty Shell - 3:01
Could We - 2:10
Hate - 2:52
The Greatest - 4:43
Why - 2:15
Lived in Bars - 3:28
Living Proof - 4:02
Wolf Among Wolves - 3:02
My Daddy Was A Musician - 3:49
Islands - 2:09
I Dont Blame You - 1:01
Remember Me - Try Me Medley - 3:58
Willie - 4:58
When I Lay Me Down - 1:39
Norma Jean - 0:40
Names - 3:57
He's a Mighty Good Leader - 2:53
The Moon - 4:13
Lord, Help the Poor & Needy - 2:05
Hate - 1:30
Good Woman - 2:23
Oh, Time - 3:27
Sophisticated Lady - 2:25
Colors and the Kids - 3:30
Where Is My Love - 1:46
I've Been Loving You Too Long - 5:01
Let Sadness Not Be Attached to Your Name - 1:52
Unknown - 1:11
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? - 3:00
Total Time - 82:27

This was the second date of the six date European tour. This is just about 2 months before Chan recorded "The Greatest". She plays 10 of the album tracks on this concert. At this point all 12 songs have been played live.

This was recorded by taper1. Thank you. The sound quality is great stereo. Clinking glasses can be heard at points, but its not too bad. Sometimes I think this might've been recorded at the bar. Quiet crowd for most of it, you can hear someone get "shhhh'ed" at one point early in the concert.

"Empty Shell" - After some strumming, Chan starts the song.

"Could We" - No applause, and she goes right into this. At the end, loud applause. "Is the guitar in the monitor?", Chan asks.

"Hate" - This is the earliest live version of this song I have. This is a slow take, really good.

"The Greatest" - Chan moves to the piano. She plays the intro, but the stops and restarts. A mostly complete version. She hits a bad chord and plays randomly. "Is there anyway to get more reverb, it sounds so tense. Do you guys go camping? It's in tents!"

"Why" - Another great take on this unreleased song.

"Lived In Bars" - The last take of this I have from when it was still just piano. This is probably the best of the live piano versions. She ends it with a piano flourish.

"Living Proof" - She goes right into this one.

"Wolf Among Wolves" - She is now on guitar. "You shouldnt even try to take pictures because I move so much", She says.
"Do you think thats too much reverb?", She asks halfway through. She then strums wildly, distracted, effectively ending the song. "Does anybody no which note is in E? Because its not in tune right, I can sing right."

"My Daddy Was A Musician" - This is the last version I have of this unreleased song. Maybe the best live version.

"Islands" - Good performance. She goes into some blues licks at the end. "Its tuned wrong so I'm not abel to sing right, so I'm trying", Chan says.

"I Dont Blame You" - Played on guitar. She sings the first verse but then stops and does not play the song.

"Remember Me - Try Me Medley" - Now on piano. This is a highlight. Played very delicately.

"Willie" - She goes into this from the last song. A shorter take than most. She then goes directly into the next song.

"When I Lay Me Down" - Her intro confuses the audience who think its the end of "Willie" and they start clapping interupting the beginning. This is the last version I have of this song. Later she would use lyrics from this song for "The Moon" (also played here) when "The Moon" was recorded for the album. After that the song seems to be gone from the setlist. Still not sure on the actual name for this song.

"Norma Jean" - She goes into this from the last song. She sings the lyrics on this one.

"Names" - Again paired with "Norma Jean". This ends with the "Norma Jean" chords. Both great takes.

"He's A Mighty Good Leader" - Appearently she played this a few times this year. This is the only version I have of this Beck cover. Played in an interesting piano style. Applause after all the piano songs.

"The Moon" - Now back on guitar. She sounds a little distracted on this. She ends with some blues licks.

"Lord Help The Poor And Needy" - Played on one chord.

"Hate" - She goes into this at the end of the last song. She just sings the first line twice before abandoning the song with more blues licks.

"Good Woman" - Lots of clapping after she begins this. She then stops to tune her guitar and starts over. She sounds a bit distracted on this to. "If I had a guitar tuner I just might be alright", she suddenly sings halfway through the song, ending it.

"Oh, Time" - The second live version I have of this. She is now playing the familiar piano on this song. Great version.

"Sophisticated Lady" - She goes into this from "Oh, Time". This is the last live version I have of this one. Really good.
This ends with some random playing.

"Colors And The Kids" - Chan jumps right into this from nowhere. "Yellow hair, you are such a funny bear, ha, ha, ha".
She sounds great on this.

"Where Is My Love?" - After some random piano chords, she plays this. Like the earlier version from 2/21/05, this one is also instrumental and has some different chords. The last of 10 "The Greatest" tracks played here.

"I've Been Loving You Too Long" - Like her earlier "Remember Me", this is also played delicately. "Thank you for being here, thank you for having me." "You May Know Him", someone shouts out. "I wish I could play that one", Chan says. Chan talk about how her guitar in not in tune and strums a bit.

"Let Sadness Not Be Attached To Your Name" - Another song disappearing from the setlist. This is the last version of this song I have. A nearly complete version, but not her best one.

"Unknown" - "Could I paint a picture, could you paint a picture, can you paint a picture? Could you, would you paint a picture of the truth?" Thats about all she sings of this with piano. What song is this? It could be just totally made up on the spot. I dont know.

"Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" - This is the earliest take of this song I have. This is a beautiful Sanny Denny cover, a welcome addition to the setlist. She restarts the song after a verse. Later versions of this are better than this one. Loud applause at the end of the concert.

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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