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2/21/05 - Hollywood, CA, Knitting Factory

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2/21/05 - Hollywood, CA, Knitting Factory Empty 2/21/05 - Hollywood, CA, Knitting Factory

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2/21/05 - Hollywood, CA, Knitting Factory

Oh, Time - 4:12
Lived In Bars - 4:13
The Greatest - 5:01
Try Me - I've Been Loving You Too Long - Remember Me Medley - 3:17
Willie - 6:07
Norma Jean -> Names - 4:32
Living Proof - 2:51
Where Is My Love - 1:37
Could We - 2:04
Islands - 2:06
The Moon - 2:48
Satisfaction - 2:06
I Dont Blame You - 3:45
Why - 2:33
Let Sadness Not Be Attached To Your Name - 3:14
Funny Things - 3:45
Wolf Among Wolves - 2:41
Lord Help The Poor And Needy - 2:10
Empty Shell - 3:34
The Party - 3:07
Colors And The Kids - 4:19
Mama, You Got A Daughter - 2:22
Maybe Not - 4:18
When I Lay Me Down - 1:36
Remember Me - 1:00
Naked If I Want To - 2:14
Total Time - 81:32

The second show of a series of four shows in California. Another solo concert. At this concert, there is yet more "The Greatest" material with 9 songs in the setlist.

I got this recording from the taper, who I thank. Its a great audience recording.

"Oh, Time" - This is the earliest recording of this song I have. What's interesting is that its played on guitar, whereas all the later versions are piano. It also has some different lyrics. At the end she begins playing the chords to "Could We", but then stops.

"Lived In Bars" - Now on piano. She stumbles at the first chorus, missing the right chords. "I'll get it in one second", she says as she searchs for the chords. She then re-starts the song with the second verse and plays to the end and repeats the chorus.

"The Greatest" - Played really well.

"Try Me - I've Been Loving You Too Long - Remember Me Medley" - She goes right into the from the end of "The Greatest". Very soulful vocals here. One of the highlights of the concert.

"Willie" - Another strong take.

"Norma Jean -> Names" - She plays the "Norma Jean" chords and then stops and says, "Cheers!". She then plays "Norma Jean", complete with lyrics into "Names", ending with the "Norma Jean" chords again. Yet another pairing of these songs. I wonder if "Norma Jean" was recorded for "You Are Free" as one of the outtakes.

"Living Proof" - Continuing with more "The Greatest" material. This is the earliest version of this song I have. Sounds great with just piano and vocal.

"Where Is My Love" - Earliest take I have of this one as well. There are no vocals at this stage but its still beautiful. She then moves to guitar.

"Could We" - Good take.

"Islands" - Another good take.

"The Moon" - Really good singing on this.

"Satisfaction" - Typically great performance, with the chorus.

"I Dont Blame You" - Another great take, she goes into some blues licks at the end.

"Why" - Outstanding take on this unreleased song. At the end of which she jumps right into...

"Let Sadness Not Be Attached To Your Name" - I love the long ringing piano chords and how ominous the song sounds.

"Funny Things" - After a false start, "Sorry its the same note and the same rhythm and the same time and whatever...", Chan says. She then plays "Funny Things" on piano. Earlier versions were all on guitar. "I'm scared to sing loud so thats a big problem", she says at the end.

"Wolf Among Wolves" - Now back on guitar. Great take on this with her vocals very upfront.

"Lord Help The Poor And Needy" - She goes straight into this from the last song. Again she plays this on one chord. She asks for more guitar at the end of this short take. This is followed by some random guitar jamming.

"Empty Shell" - Still on guitar, another "The Greatest" track. "I wish I could start over and do it better", she says at the end.

"The Party" - "This is another boring song", she says. This is the last take I have of the song. Okay take.

"Colors And The Kids" - Someone shouts out for this and Chan replys, "Not sure I can remember that, I know its two chords and the same rhythm, the same pace... Sorry." After warming up for a second she goes into it with cheers from the audience. A concert rarity at this point, as was everything from Moonpix. She sounds awesome on this, really going for the high notes. She even jokes around saying, "I like the part..." before hitting one off those high notes at the end. Huge applause. Another highlight.

"Mama, You Got A Daughter" - Only other version I have of this is from 3/26/04, where it's also played on piano. She goofs around on this song, changing the tempo. At the end she plays a few bars of "Willie".

"Maybe Not" - Songs like this and "Fool" and "Werewolf" from "You Are Free" are now disappearing from the set list. I only have one other version of Maybe Not after this one. What is really interesting is how she sings the last minute of the song, in this really high-pitched whisper. Totally uncharacteristic.

"When I Lay Me Down" - This rarely played slow piano song sounds beautiful. Elegant.

"Remember Me" - She goes right into this from the last one but only sings a few lines before ending it. "Thats my favorite song in the world to do", she says. "Unfortunately, I dont do it the way I should."

"Naked If You Want To" - Someone shouts out for this. And Chan begins playing it on piano. This is the only take I've heard of her playing it on piano. She only does about 3 lines of verse before ending it. She sings a lyric from "Beautiful" by Christina Aguliara. She then sings part of "Deep Inside" by Mary J Blige to end the show. "I'd like to apologize and thank you", Chan says at the end to applause.

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