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9/16/04 - Dallas, TX, Dallas Museum Of Art, Horchow Auditorium

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9/16/04 - Dallas, TX, Dallas Museum Of Art, Horchow Auditorium Empty 9/16/04 - Dallas, TX, Dallas Museum Of Art, Horchow Auditorium

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9/16/04 - Dallas, TX, Dallas Museum Of Art, Horchow Auditorium

The Greatest - 2:36
The Greatest - 1:52
Why - 3:05
Names -> Norma Jean - 2:52
Willie - 6:32
Love & Communication - 2:10
Wolf Among Wolves - 3:37
Talking - 1:31
Empty Shell - 3:54
Could We - 2:34
Good Woman - 4:31
Islands - 1:50
Satisfaction - 3:22
I Dont Blame You - 3:49
Talking - 1:31
Sophisticated Lady - 2:18
Maybe Not - 6:15
I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart - 4:55
American Flag - 0:52
Deep Inside - 1:34
Talking - He War Riff - 0:42
The Party - 2:47
I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart - 0:33
Werewolf - 3:50
Talking - He War Riff - 2:53
Lord Help The Poor And Needy - 2:37
Total Time - 74:59

After her performance in Boulder earlier this month, Chan goes to the south to play some shows in Texas and Louisiana. This is the first of five dates in the south. Chan played this show solo. At her concert in Atlanta, earlier in the year she played 5 "The Greatest" tracks, at this concert she plays 6 "The Greatest" tracks.

This recording I have of this is a single Mp3 file. Does anyone have this in higher quality? Thank You to the person who shared this. As it was a single file, I split up the tracks to make a CD. My CD timing is above. The sound quality varies a bit, sometimes a bit distant and other times boomy, but listenable. There is an annoying cell phone ring/interference that is LOUD, this happens after "Good Woman". Also, after "I Dont Blame You", Chan lets out a loud yell!

"The Greatest" - "Thanks for coming! I dont know if you'll recognize any of these songs", Chan says. She is on piano. This is the earliest take on "The Greatest" I have heard. She performs about half of the song before asking for the high end in her vocal monitor to be turned down.

"The Greatest" - After a short false start, she starts the song again. This version slightly faster, also good. Again, she only plays about half the song. "Pretty shaky on that one," Chan says at the end.

"Why" - Good take on this unreleased song.

"Names -> Norma Jean" - This is a really unique track. She plays the intro to "Names" then goes seamlessly in to the "Norma Jean" piano chords. She sings: Norma Jean, loves James Dean, Natalie Wood if she only could, Christopher's Walkin', keep him talkin'. Then she goes right back into the "Names" chords and sings: Her name was Naomi, her name was Sheryl, his name was Donovan, his name was Charles. Then coming to a stop, she goes back into the "Norma Jean" chords and sings: Keep him talkin'. This is just so cool, one of her best live tracks. And probably the best "Norma Jean", I'm not sure there are any more lyrics than the ones she sings here.

"Willie" - Good performance.

"Love & Communication" - After adjusting her guitar, Chan begins this "The Greatest" track. This is the earliest take I've heard, the guitar chords here are different to both the later radio session version and the released version. Here it sounds a little like "Fool".

"Wolf Among Wolves" - She goes into this one from the last song. Good performance.

"Talking" - Chan adjusts her guitar sound.

"Empty Shell" - Good performance.

"Could We" - Another good take.

"Good Woman" - Also on guitar. She is singing great on this. I think I like this song best when it's just her and the guitar. "You friggin ROCK!" someone yells.

"Islands" - "This is a Jesus song", Chan says. This is the sixth track from the concert that later appeared on "The Greatest".

"Satisfaction" - She goes right into this. Really good version.

"I Dont Blame You" - After a false start, she starts the song. Again on guitar. At the end she goes into a weird part were she slowly sings, "Whooooooo let the dogs out".

"Talking" - "I wish I could do my comedy routine", She says. After getting to her piano she tests out the microphone with a loud yell!

"Sophisticated Lady" - This seems to have dropped out of the setlist for awhile, the earlier version I have before this is from 2001. This is beautiful. Glad this was played.

"Maybe Not" - Always nice to hear just her play this. At the end she goes into a series of random notes, improvising.

"I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart" - Now back on guitar for the rest of concert. At the point she seems to loosen up a bit. She only plays a verse of this before stopping. She then starts again but this is not a serious take. "Does anybody have a song they want me to do?", Chan asks. A bunch of people start shouting for songs, "Moonshiner", "He War", "Werewolf", "Deep Inside", "I Found A Reason"... She does try to play many of these.

"American Flag" - Chan settles on this one. It the last live version I have heard. Unfortunately, she only sings about 3 lines of verse before ending it. Neat to hear as just her and guitar. All the other versions have a band with her.

"Deep Inside" - This is usually played on piano, which probably explains why Chan didnt play too much of this with her guitar here.

"He War Riff - Talking" - Making good on the "He War" request, Chan plays only the intro riff before stopping and saying, "What other songs?" So close. Neutral She plays it again later, but nothing more than the riff.

"The Party" - She adds a different guitar part to her intro on this version which sounds good.

"I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart" - Just a short attempt with nonsense lyrics.

"Werewolf" - This is the last take on "Werewolf" I have heard (except for a 2012 performance). Pretty good performance.

"Talking - He War Riff" - More shouted requests. Chan noodles around on guitar a bit and chats with the audience. "Who's mad?", she asks. At one point she does the "He War" riff again. The audience starts clapping and she immediately stops. "Thats the radio audience," She says. She then tries to make some type of connection between country music and her music or something and plays the "He War" riff a few more times.

"Lord Help The Poor And Needy" - Again played on guitar. She plays this all on one chord. "This is the exit song. For real", Chan says while playing. "Thanks for comin' Y'all!", Chan says at the end.


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Highpoints of the show: Maybe Not, Werewolf, Good Woman, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction --with the chorus. Much more coherent this time, but still giving the thumbs down after each song and apologizing... At the end of the show she asked how many people were mad (nobody raised their hand). And, just like the last time I saw her, she played until they made her quit (which was only 9:30, unfortunately).


The show tonight was amazing. I had heard and read reports of Chan rambling on and taunting the audience during performances, and I am very glad that we didn't get that side of her tonight. Like others I was a little dissapointed with her attitude toward herself, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she was great.


The DMA Horchow was the first time I had ever seen Chan. I can finally die happy. I was kinda dissapointed at her "thumbs down" gestures and her constant "I suck anus" attitude. But nonetheless, I fell in love. I have been a fan for about four months now, but now I know how truely talented she is. The best concert I have ever been to... Thank you Cat Power!


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