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9/24/03 - Fortitude Valley, Australia, Tivoli Caberat And Bar

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9/24/03 - Fortitude Valley, Australia, Tivoli Caberat And Bar Empty 9/24/03 - Fortitude Valley, Australia, Tivoli Caberat And Bar

Post  Cokelike Thu 5 Jul - 4:22

9/24/03 - Fortitude Valley, Australia, Tivoli Caberat And Bar

This was the 11th and last performance of the Australian tour supporting "You Are Free". David Virgin and Woman & Children opened.

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I went to the Brisbane show... Well I must say I was moved by the set... not knowing what to expect, and being a great fan of her work... I was pumped! The first guy was David Virgin who is a dude who has been around since the 70's... he rocked! I thought he was a bit bob dylan like! Very nice!!! Then women and children played an amazing trancing set...

Then Chan played a random set which at times was funny and stunning and strange... The week of that concert was the greatest week of my life! When she was playing her last song, I felt so weird... tranced to nothing but thoughts, feelings and sounds! Like I had no material being left and no one was there! It was intense!!! It only go better on friday when I got the chance to tell Chan herself about my experiences at her gig... she freaked out at first when I told her I was there... but I told her how good it was and she was cool! Then she introduced herself and we got to talk about stuff for about 15-20 minutes... Im a musician so it was great! Considering at the moment, she is my greatest influence! I am a hotel porter... what a mad job at times!!! When I went downstairs, I saw some chick and guy who had guitars, I started talking to them and they were from WOMEN AND CHILDREN! The guitarst dude was really cool! He gave me a cd... it is great... so mellow and depthy! (If thats a word)

My week couldnt be better... and Chan gave me $20 tip... thats kinda funny!!! She is a cool cool chick and deserves a lot of respect for her way of life... people who go to her show expecting singles and general commercial crap should not bother... they dont understand... she doesnt act, she is her and I believe she plays for the people who care enough about music to not just listen to it, but feel it as well!

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