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Stephen Malkmus on Cat Power Empty Stephen Malkmus on Cat Power

Post  tumbleweed on Wed 27 Nov - 2:01

Stephen Malkmus, formerly of the band Pavement, whose song "We Dance" Cat Power covered back in the '90s, had some nice things to say about Chan in a recent article in The Guardian. Malkmus chose "Cross Bones Style" as "the track that touches me" with the following explanation:

"This song has a witchy, spooky, haunted folk feel, but it also has a steady pulse and a rickety rhythm – an indie rock backbone. I like how she does that and the way she harmonises with herself. She's a genius performer and songwriter. That people get her music and like it gives me hope. It's inspirational to me to hear a great song that touches you."

Read the full article here:


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