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A note on 2020 performances

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A note on 2020 performances Empty A note on 2020 performances

Post  Cokelike Thu 14 Oct - 21:45

A note on 2020 performances. 

Firstly, I'm looking for a little help here if anyone has information. Maybe I'm crazy but I was certain that I saw something about Chan playing somewhere in February 2020. It would've been a solo show. Something low-key, I think. Like her January 2020 gig. I noticed something, some announcement on instagram or somewhere back around that time. I was meaning to go research that at the time. Then, of course, all hell broke loose in March 2020 and, basically, I lost track of that information. Anyone know?

Secondly, did Chan participate in the 4/26/20, Pathway To Paris live instagram virtual festival thing? I'm trying to find a picture or a video or anything showing what she played in her short spot. I'm coming up with nothing, so maybe she just missed that? Anyone know?

Thirdly, a long shot here, but did Chan perform anywhere at all for anything during 2020 (besides the Jan. 2020 show)? I'm guessing not, of course. But maybe I missed something. Anyone?


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