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7/2/06 - Montreal, Canada, Club Spectrum, "Montreal Jazz Festival"

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7/2/06 - Montreal, Canada, Club Spectrum, "Montreal Jazz Festival" Empty 7/2/06 - Montreal, Canada, Club Spectrum, "Montreal Jazz Festival"

Post  Cokelike Mon 24 Sep - 10:35

7/2/06 - Montreal, Canada, Club Spectrum, "Montreal Jazz Festival"

The Greatest
Living Proof
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Wild Is The Wind
House Of The Rising Sun
Love And Communication
I Dont Blame You
Empty Shell
Lord Help The Poor And Needy
Hey Porter
Ramblin Woman
Lived In Bars
Remember Me
John, John
Good Woman
I Cant Give You Anything But Love
All I Have To Do Is Dream - Blue Moon Medley
Sea Of Love

This was the twentieth performance of the tour. Chan played solo for this concert. This was her 4th solo performance of the year.

There is an audience recording of this concert which runs 99 minutes. Does anyone have a copy of this? I would love to hear it, the setlist looks awesome.


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I went to see her, I was in the first row very close to her. The show was perfect, except for the sound, something that she had no control over, and she was playing solo but it was great. She is so funny and lovely on stage. And then after the show, I went to see her in the parking lot, she was there sitting on the ground...she was so sweet and kind, so generous with me. Thanks again Chan, haha. You have no idea how happy you made me on that night and I still am very much. She signed me 5, yes 5 autographs! And I had the chance to give her a kiss...I'll never forget that! She took all of her time to draw me very nice things on my cds, I couldn't believe it. She was like all there for me, like if she knew me already, I'm not lying. I couldn't believe how open she was. I'm so happy for her that she now looks so happy.

Chan, you're the Greatest, a very "GOOD WOMAN ". I'm not trying to put too much here, you really are...

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