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11/4/05 - Paris, France, La Cigale, "LesInRocks Festival"

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11/4/05 - Paris, France, La Cigale, "LesInRocks Festival" Empty 11/4/05 - Paris, France, La Cigale, "LesInRocks Festival"

Post  Cokelike Sat 4 Aug - 9:41

11/4/05 - Paris, France, La Cigale, "LesInRocks Festival"

Love And Communication - 3:30
Hate - 3:14
Who Knows Where The Time Goes? - 2:33
The Greatest - 3:38
Why - 2:30
Willie - 0:37
Lived In Bars - 3:35
Willie - 5:52
Empty Shell - 2:47
House Of The Rising Sun - 3:14
Hey Porter - 1:53
Wild Is The Wind - 2:43
I Don't Blame You - 2:43
Satisfaction - 3:26
Blue Moon - All I Have To Do Is Dream Medley - 4:10
Living Proof - 2:51
Remember Me - 2:35
Could We? - 2:19
John, John - 1:41
Oh, Time - 2:35
Where Is My Love? - 2:23
Total Time - 57:32

Her second date of her three date European tour. Cat Power's appearence was part of the LesInRock Festival which ran from 11/4-6/05. Fortunately the concert was recorded and broadcast on FM radio at least once on 11/28/05. The quality is excellent. There are shortened versions of the concert that run around 45 minutes. For the longer version, I have mp3s, does anyone have any better quality?

"Love And Communication" - Unlike previous versions of this song which seems to have a sort of chord structure, this version is sang over the "Blue Moon" chords. She plays this on guitar. She fumbles a line near the end. "Is it possible reverb in the vocal and guitar?", She says at the end.

"Hate" - A great version of this song played on guitar. And very much different from the earlier 4/21/05 version with different lyrics and much faster.

"Who Knows Where The Times Goes?" - Now on piano. Also a great performance.

"The Greatest" - She goes into this from the last song. Lots of applause at the end. "Sorry", says Chan.

"Why" - This is played well, but she doesnt seem to into it.

"Willie" - She goes into this from "Why", but after about a half minute, changes chords again.

"Lived In Bars" - She settles on this. "I cant do it anymore", Chan says during the song. Her voice sounds raspy as though she has a sore throat or a cold. But she does sing the whole song.

"Willie" - "My brain is like divided into 14 pieces so I cant even do what I'm here to do and it breaks my heart actually," Chan says at the beginning. She soldiers on.

"Empty Shell" - Now back on guitar. "Sorry, sorry", Chan says.

"House Of The Rising Sun" - The earliest live take that I have. It's played here at a medium pace. Later versions would be much slower. This is really good. She has already at this point changed many of the lyrics. Almost exactly a year from now on 11/9/06, she played this at a Bob Dylan tribute concert.

"Hey Porter" - This is the only version of this Johnny Cash cover I have heard. This is good.

"Wild As The Wind" - Another rare song in the setlist. She seems to have brought it back to the setlist around this time after not playing it much since 2000. Other versions are much better and she is not singing her best at this point in the concert.

"I Dont Blame You" - Still on piano. Actually, one of the few piano versions of this from 2003 to this point. Good performance. She coughs at the end.

"Satisfaction" - "Is there anyway to get more reverb on the vocal and on the guitar as well, please. Sorry. I've been talking my goddam ass off all fucking day. Sorry," Chan says. Now on guitar. "Because he doesnt smoke the same bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh...", she sings in the song.

"All I Have To Do Is Dream - Blue Moon Medley" - Now back on piano. This is a highlight of the concert, sounding much better on piano than on guitar. "Thank you, thank you, sorry", Chan says at the end to applause.

"Living Proof" - The last chance to hear Living Proof with just piano.

"Remember Me" - She goes into this from the last song. Good performance.

"Could We" - Now back on guitar. This is a good take. "Sorry".

"John, John" - This is the earliest version I have of this original thats based on "Hit The Road Jack" by Ray Charles. She later played this is alot in 2006. This version is much faster than the later versions. Also the later versions have more lyrics. "I just wanna do a good job thats all".

"Oh, Time" - "I gotta go after this one", Chan says at the beginning. This is a highlight of the concert.

"Where Is My Love" - She goes right into this, and unlike the earlier versions from this year, she sings the lyrics. Sounds great. The last thing you hear on the recording is Chan saying, "Sorry".


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Translated from French:

It is with a bit of apprehension that I was going to go see Cat Power live at la Cigale because we know that the American can sometimes disappoint his public foutant one of his concerts in the air: cigarettes thrown into the public, played pieces in part or half sometimes because of drunkenness... well advanced but that evening, à la CigaleNone of this. Miss Power made a concert of the most intimate, starting and ending his songs entirely, but tea (or infusion?), and fuma no cigarette.

Chan Marshall aka Cat Power therefore presented only one, to a wide audience, and began playing the electric guitar, then piano, alternating pieces of its own directory as "I Don't Blame You", some unpublished and covers such as "House Of The Rising Sun" of the Animals, "Hit The Road, Jack" Ray Charles, "Satisfaction" of the stones... and this, for only 45 minutes! Although injury... because this concert was Festival the inrocks and any festival self-respecting, there were others - completely different - playing themselves during three quarter of an hour. Therefore, the context was not at all suited to listen Cat Power - four groups, too many people - the majority of the public who did not or ca which had not come see it specifically has not been bewitched by interpretation so quiet the singer to the suave... in all cases voice, gossip hard during his show.
And 22 h45, the concert ends, Chan Marshall, who was in the final, goes, without reminder, because as she says herself: 'I do my job'... So, it remained a little on our hunger.

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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