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7/3/04 - Carrboro, NC, Arts Center

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7/3/04 - Carrboro, NC, Arts Center Empty 7/3/04 - Carrboro, NC, Arts Center

Post  Cokelike Mon 23 Jul - 9:40

7/3/04 - Carrboro, NC, Arts Center

Dex Romweber were on the bill. Another solo performance.

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I saw Cat Power perform for the first time this past saturday in Carrboro, NC and thought she was really great! Her voice was sweet and she played about 10 songs, some on piano, some on guitar. She is a much better live performer than people give her credit. Sure it wasn't a Prince concert and she made the occasional screw up, but it just made her seem human and not so showbiz. I guess for some people thats a detraction, but for $12 I just want to hear good music. I expect perfect transitions between songs and pyrotechnics at around $30 (excluding ticket master surcharges). Simply put, she rocks! But in a slow sanquine melancholic way. Sure Norah Jones never taps her foot or coughs out loud. But Norah Jones is boring and so are her songs.


And I drove five hours to be there, too, and it was worth it! I thought the intimate artsy auditorium thing was kinda neat, but I detested the sound of beer bottles clinking on the ground. Also, it was really annoying that the people in the hallway had different music playing, and that they played it just loud enough to be heard in the auditorium.


I was also at the Cat Power in Carrboro and I totally agree about the intimacy of the show due to the venue and the personal mishaps by Chan. I sat on the right side about two rows from the back.


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