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4/25/04 - Miami, FL, I/O Lounge

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4/25/04 - Miami, FL, I/O Lounge Empty 4/25/04 - Miami, FL, I/O Lounge

Post  Cokelike Mon 23 Jul - 1:23

4/25/04 - Miami, FL, I/O Lounge

Incomplete setlist:
* Ruin mention
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

This was a free concert, I think it was a benefit for something, does anyone know?
* Fourth Ruin mention.

Fan Review

This show was advertised at www.epoplife.com as Cat Power with full band. The admission was free and I guess I know why. It turned out to be Chan solo. I was a little dissapointed at the outset, but when she started playing it sounded good. Unfortunately after a few songs, things started to go downhill. She was obviously a bit intoxicated and her playing became borderline humorous/boring. Cat Power solo is cat nap. The highlight was after covering "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" she refered to the lead singer of the white stripes as Jack Black. The last 10 minutes of the show she was rambling about some band/album/song called sitting on ruins or something like that while trying pathetically to play whatever it was. It's too bad that her talent was wasted this night. Her voice and lyrics are amazing, but she needs to put on a decent show with a band to make me ever want to go see her again. Reading other reviews, it seems that these antics are a common theme for her shows. A little chatter with audience is cool, but if I want to see someone act mainly drunk I can go to karaoke with my friends and have a better time. I hope she gets it together and plays with talented musicians that bring out the best in Cat Power. I guess she's not over the bashful, ha-ha, what am I doing here, silly performance phase of her life. Half the time she complains to the sound person turn this or that up or down, then she can't remember how to play anyway.

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