Ode to Chan
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12/14/03 - Seattle, WA, The Showbox

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12/14/03 - Seattle, WA, The Showbox Empty 12/14/03 - Seattle, WA, The Showbox

Post  Cokelike Sun 22 Jul - 7:51

12/14/03 - Seattle, WA, The Showbox

Incomplete setlist:

I Dont Blame You
In This Hole
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

The last of Chan's 3 dates opening for Sleather-Kinney. Smoosh was also on the bill.

Matador Forum Member Review

So last night, Chan played for us in Seattle.

The opening band was Smoosh, they were a 2 girl band composed of 12 years olds. Here comes Chan. She is carrying her guitar, a cup of whiskey and a post it note. She sits on the piano stool, holding the guitar and sets down her items. Beligerently drunk, she begins to play her first songs off You Are Free. All the while, rocking back and forth on the stool and tapping her feet so much that you could not help but be entranced by them.

She was gorgeous, good hair, very tall, nice features. Admirable. So she played her first song and then went to I Dont Blame You which she slowed down so much. Then to In This Hole, on to Satisfaction and then to Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground. The people in back at the bar were all talking so loud, I almost felt embarressed for poor Chan.

So the tickets we purchased, they were Cat Power with Sleater-Kinney and Smoosh, but it became apparent that somewhere along the lines they decided to make Chan the opening band rather then the main attraction. To much of my dismay mind you. So she went on to something else, I dont recall because we had to move and avoid some high chick who was getting roudy with us. a guy walked on to the stage, whispered into her ear as she was playing the piano.

She leaned into the microphone, stopped playing. she yelled KNOCK-KNOCK! the crowd retorted back, WHO'S THERE! and off she went with her guitar, leaving the whiskey. Now me and my friend were lucky enough to be right there, right on the side she walked off at. She walked right next to us, 2 feet away, no people were between us, no guards, no walls, empty space, and then Chan. If I was feeling ballsy enough, I could have touched her, or offered some words to such a great musician. But I was taken aback, I watched her hug a dark figure and disappear through the door.

So Chan played a few songs. And it was money well spent. She didnt do anything to embaress herself, she made no scene, she did no harm. She stopped in the middle of one of her early songs, yelled HEY DO YOU EVER MESS UP? spewed some drunken sounds, and played a new song. The crowd loved it, unphased by the fact that they escaped the downward slope Chan is accustomed to. They had no idea they were getting a good show considering her reputation.

All in all, it was worth it. So I offer up these words to others who havent seen her or who have a sour taste for when they did: There is hope. Chan did a fine job, I would even say entertaining.


Short Comment

A disastrous December 2003 appearance at Seattle's Showbox finished self-loathingly with “Goodnight. My name is Shithead."

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