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6/18/03 - Glasgow, Scotland, Mono

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6/18/03 - Glasgow, Scotland, Mono Empty 6/18/03 - Glasgow, Scotland, Mono

Post  Cokelike Sat 30 Jun - 22:52

6/18/03 - Glasgow, Scotland, Mono

Incomplete setlist:

Baby Doll
American Flag
I Dont Blame You
Good Woman
Love To Be Silly
Colors And The Kids
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Knockin On Heavens Door

This was the 74th performance of the tour. This was a recording made of this concert, but I do not have a copy to review. Does anyone have a copy of this?

Sunday Mail Review

NEW YORK'S Cat Power - otherwise known as Chan Marshall - seems to be stuck firmly in a strange world of her own.

Her mid-song chat was baffling and only her pleas to the audience for a glass of Scotch - which she made short work of - made any sense. Even then she ran offstage for at least two toilet breaks, leaving the band to fill in as best they could.

But although a bit of a shambles, the music was first rate. American Flag, Colors and The Kids were the pick of her own tunes, while her covers of the Stones' Satisfaction and a version of Knocking On Heaven's Door were inspirational.


Fan Review

I saw Cat Power last night in Glasgow. It was.. very.. interesting. It was in a bar-type-venue. Small but not everyone could see because the stage was barely raised. I had a good spot, though.

First!! I found the venue area a couple hours early so I went into the vintage 70s clothing shop right nearby. So I'm in this little shop, just me, the employee, and a women who calls to the person in the change room: 'Chan?'


I walked around looking at stuff (yeah right) and when I'm right beside the changeroom she comes out in a pink dress. I decided not to say anything. Not even 'Hi! I'm here to see you!' What would that have done? Everyone knows how.. volatile she is, anyway. I didn't want to bother her. She's really beautiful. Very.. delicate. She looks like a little girl, but not petite..

She was wondering around the venue, too. I stared at her, I admit. I was watching her smoke and tap her feet to the opening act. No one else seemed to notice! She was standing right beside people and people would walk in, and walk right by. This is an artist who has Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder guest on her new album, has been in Rolling Stone and was on Letterman lately. Just walking around unrecognised at her own show!

I haven't even gotten to the show yet. It was. unnerving. I've felt strange all day. It was like spying. Like spying on a girl playing guitar in her room. She was even in jeans and a sweatshirt! At one point, after playing a few solo, she told us she was drunk and was telling us to shout out songs to play. She would play a bit, say she didn't remember the words, do the next one... so someone calls out 'nude as the news' and she belts out, accapella, the 'Jackson Jesse, I've got a son in me, he's related to you' part. WOW. Her voice is just as beautiful and haunting live.

She and her band did a cover of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground which R-O-C-K-E-D. I LOVE that song. She also did Fool, Colours and the Kids, American Flag, Say, I don't blame you, Your Son, Love to be Silly, Baby Doll, the Werewolf, new stuff, stuff I didn't recognise... Satisfaction was really really beautiful.

She ended off the show very.. dramatically. Her band came back and after the White Stripes cover they started into something.. which I don't think was a song.. it was more like her belting out words and sentences such as 'I need somebody/I need someone/ every day/every night/' 'we need love.. we need love..' and probably the most memorable part of the show- (and last song) was her crouched down on her knees singing at the top of her voice 'FUCK THE PAIN AWAY - FUCK THE PAIN AWAY -FUCK THE PAIN AWAY' That line is from a singer called Peaches, (which Chan did say) but Peaches is funky attitude.. and Chan sounded like she was in a LOT of pain.

I left feeling not empowered, peaceful (ex.Ani).. but unnerved. Like, what was that? Is she ok? Is it over? I feel like I just watched someone bare their soul (there were even a few new songs about heartbreak). But it's not like she's totally delicate and needs a hug, because she was drinking Whiskey and said she didn't like people buying her drinks because 'she can take care of herself' and she pulled a guy out of the audience to go backstage with her after..

Just.. weird. It was weird.

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