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6/11/03 - Arhus, Denmark, Voxhall

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6/11/03 - Arhus, Denmark, Voxhall Empty 6/11/03 - Arhus, Denmark, Voxhall

Post  Cokelike Sat 30 Jun - 3:27

6/11/03 - Arhus, Denmark, Voxhall

Incomplete setlist:

Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

This was the 69th performance of the tour. Entrance opened. This line from the following review is priceless Laughing :

With the help of Satan, Jack Daniels and a voice from the mixer, Chan came through the crisis.

Concert Review
Translated from Dutch:

Singer Chan Marshall aka Cat Power is notorious for his stage fright and eccentric behavior in the concert situation. But for the concert in Aarhus, she had taken precautions to prevent themselves from falling into the big black hole, and it had the audience in Aarhus ample opportunity to experience.

Prior had the original folk / blues singer and guitarist Entrance impressed with a sovereign warming concert. A singer with an almost Tim Buckley's voting record (and hairstyle), and the courage to use it and with the guitar upside-down Jimi Hendrix-style, while he kept rymen with a tambourine on foot. An animated and exciting artist and a nice bonus experience.

So the stage was set to Cat Power and a seemingly casual Chan Marshall, who would have shared a smoke with the audience before she was ready, and only slightly over the set had warmed the røghæse voice completely. Chan was supported by an excellent trio of drums, guitar and violin through an hour-long set of well settled, with emphasis on songs from her latest album "You Are Free".

Then they left the band scene, and to soothe the worst panic disorder tankede Chan with Jack Daniels, which was circulated between the stage, floor console, before she got hanket up in themselves and continued the concert alone. It should be noted that not easy to Cat Power to sit alone on stage, and therefore this part of the concert intermittently the most intense and beautiful, but simultaneously also a painful experience where you had fornæmmelsen that the earth could open up and engulf her, every moment it should be. After a sub-estimation version of the "Names" she spent agonizing minutes to look for the next song from the piano keys. When she did not find it, she gave up, grabbed the guitar and went, and here came her raw version of the Rolling Stones' "(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction". Great, great beauty and concert highlight.

And then it was that the film kækkede and what so than did so Chan could not continue. She did not, however, the scene, but began instead to tell bad jokes for a good ten minutes, where no one could be sure whether the concert would ever start again. With the help of Satan, Jack Daniels and a voice from the mixer Chan came through the crisis (a crisis, and a review of the audience's patience, that was it) and finally the concert could continue.

At last came a short set with the band and with Howe Gelb as a guest on stage. Chan Marshall was still more intoxicated, but also increasingly intense, and she ended the concert by going out in the audience and sit in the middle of the floor. Here sat she crouched on the floor and sang fervently intense and amazing.

A Cat Power concert is an unpredictable experience, and Wednesday evening at Voxhall was no exception.


Fan Review

Last night I went to Aarhus to see Cat Power. It was a fantastic concert. She played in 2 hours, drank whiskey, smoked cigarettes and told bad jokes between the many songs she played. She did a cover on the White Stripes and one on Rolling Stones and some others I can't remember right now. It was great.


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