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5/26/03 - Strasbourg, France, La Laiterie

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5/26/03 - Strasbourg, France, La Laiterie Empty 5/26/03 - Strasbourg, France, La Laiterie

Post  Cokelike Fri 29 Jun - 5:16

5/26/03 - Strasbourg, France, La Laiterie

This was the 60th performance of the tour. Woman & Children opened.

Review from Matador Forum Member
I saw Cat Power on stage another time on May 26th 2003, still in Strasbourg. At these times, I was totally depressed, very sick of it. But I wanted to see her again. The first band that opened the show was so beautiful. And then I heard a voice next to me, in the crowd, an American voice. So I just had a look to the person who was on my left. She was a wonderful girl, with long dark hairs, a small nose and lightening eyes. I knew she was the person I wanted to see the most on this planet. It was Chan, her shoulder next to my shoulder. That was a really small ridiculous thing, but I thought being at home, with her while listening to her disks and one day being next to her, the closer I could never get, was really a magic event in my life. The show she gave was merely beautiful, and the fact that she "seemed" drunk, and that she "seemed" to forget her lyrics was putting in relief the whole universe of her music. It was not pathetic at all, she just gave an impression of fragility to her music and to her feelings. I'll never forget it.


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