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5/24/03 - Evreux, France, Abordage

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5/24/03 - Evreux, France, Abordage Empty 5/24/03 - Evreux, France, Abordage

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5/24/03 - Evreux, France, Abordage

Incomplete Setlist:


This was the 58th performance of the tour. Richard Buckner and Woman & Children were on the bill.

Concert Review
Translated from french:

There are evenings which vocabulary unknown words ordinary and routine. Cat Power's concert Saturday night at the collision finally part of them. All had yet begun normally. According to the flyer punaisee program at the entrance of the room, Richard Buckner, his electro-acoustic guitar, and a companion were introduced to ensure the first part; country songs folk just rugged and solidly built in the image of the man who dépareillerait not lost farm in the American MidWest. Just this complete set, the first surprise of the evening was to see tumbled down on stage three simili Strokes and a young blonde singer in the charm wearing a high small red to the effigy of Ozzy Osbourne (sic). The second surprise was to see that the Miss had an incredible voice, close to that of Nico, that his extreme finesse left any augurer. After mini-survey (conducted at the risk of my life of course), I am able to inform that it is in fact a young American Group responding to the surname of Women and Children and whose members, poly-instrumentistes - singer including being shown as well in guitar drums or piano, with a predilection for the latter-, are friends of Cat Power residing in Paris. The release of their debut album-- is scheduled for early June on the label Attack 9 (source Amazon.com) and, in light of their protean live performance, the latter is to closely monitor.However, we had still not seen. Indeed, after a balance, bordering the maniaquerie instruments present on stage, Chan Marshall, the brain and lung of Cat Power was finally his entrance on stage a bottle of wine red, although more than half empty hand... for the first part of the evening! Thus for almost an hour the assistance was entitled to a true One Woman Show of the third kind. The young woman, long hair, open conflict with his boots, John began by immediately announce that she would cry tonight and then beg or rather beg a cigarette medusee assistance. Cigarette who then suffered the same disastrous fate as most of the songs: started never completed, singer, claiming more often failures of memory, ending its efforts, not without asking the help of powerless spectators, here the head in the keyboard of the piano by a crisis to laugh more that disturbing. The litmus test was even more rude that it was really touching to see sitting alone with his guitar sometimes grossly scraping her throat, his right leg spinning constantly in a vacuum, as a Birdseye high into the arena Bull, hitting a few times the ground to mark the rhythm (or almost) or even asking our forgiveness sincerely and our indulgence. Fortunately the interpretation of his famous cover of (I can't Get No) Satisfaction in his term (not see nothing personal...) finally completed this calvary. Actually it was immediately followed by the real beginning of the concert with the arrival of drummer, guitarist, and bassist-violinist whose common sobriety was radically with the exuberance that had until then accapare the scene. This new balance didn't obviously completely a few replicas of the previous earthquake: chronic inability to Chan to grant itself his guitar (is relying on his guitarist) or still this great moment of emotion where she came, leaving friends, Crouch for a song of the most respondents in the crowd that follow (camp fire atmosphere) which is a. But overall all previous derogatory considerations eventually gradually fly in brightness. I finally forgot that collision dyed-in-the-wool viciously with scuttling to remember why initial and main of my coming: songs. Their interpretation was in this last part honour the magnificence and the subtleties posted on the last and sublime album "group", You're free. The concert ended, without reminder and without regret therefore, on an excellent and very removed Rockets. Finally, it will be much where but much loved also tonight here. Not really this evening could never be common with this girl so special can be at the same time Dr. Jekill and Mr Hyde, molest our contempt and second in the same admiration, this walking paradox, this small human miracle.

5/24/03 - Evreux, France, Abordage 5-24-010

Another Concert Review
Translated from french:

Saturday, 24 May 2003, Cat Power occurred at the collision of Evreux, almost intimacy with a few public, and in a way for the least bit normal, rare, or even unique.

Chan Marshall took on stage, first single, obviously well backer in red wine, and for about an hour, it aligns the cigarettes (which most are requested to the public), burps and the big crashes. Virtually any song will be performed during this time, although some attempts are initiated, most of the time to abort discussions one-way with the public, which empties of at least one-third at one point, tired of the rants jumbled singer but not missing or charisma, poise, or eloquence in his driving.

The concert will become really fascinating when Chan Marshall flows into the gap, this time accompanied by his musicians, and has to sit in people following his movement as one man. She will sing and kissing on the mouth a man at random, discolored hair that will remain beat during the rest of the concert.

This second part entammee, granted singer guitar, and helping musicians, it is the wavering charm of a performance that takes form for no longer drop decision-making. Alternating wild soft and suave brutality, the voice of Chan Marshall, by its unexpected chips gives the feeling of switch at any time and at any time to regain his balance. You feel taken, charmed, and despite the errors and imperfections, found in the astronomical amount on albums, appear to be lovingly embedded in that intoxicating also uncertain adventure crystallizes.

More than two hours after the entry on scene of Chan Marshall, the concert stops abruptly, without warning, and probably because of the late hour, room of the collision is under the day of the neon leaving the vacuum on the stage. As reveillé out of bed in the middle of a heavy sleep, it released the room still somewhat hypnotized, and with the sense of having lived a single evening. "Are you mad at me?" (is you angry with me?) has ceased to apologize Chan Marshall with a splendid candor, and it is likely that to anyone else, it would have taken less to be, but in this case, it is the opposite.

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