3/24/03 - "Late Show with David Letterman", NYC

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3/24/03 - "Late Show with David Letterman", NYC

Post  Cokelike on Sun 10 Jun - 6:19

3/24/03 - "Late Show with David Letterman", NYC

Maybe Not - 4:06

This was the 32nd performance of the tour. About 5 weeks after the release of "You Are Free", Chan appears on the late night TV show "Late Show with David Letterman" and performs "Maybe Not" solo.

She is introduced by Paul Shaffer (who was guest hosting), as a "talented, talented singer-songwriter who is making her network television debut". She plays a solid version of the song and ends it with a run down the keys of the piano. I love that she is on TV and still has the same outfit of flannel shirt, jeans and boots that she has been wearing all tour. Smile

The copy I have looks like it was transfered from a VHS tape but the quality is decent.
And here it is:


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