A Tribute To Cat Power - In Italy

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A Tribute To Cat Power - In Italy Empty A Tribute To Cat Power - In Italy

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 A Tribute To Cat Power - In Italy Omaggi10

(Translated from Italian)

Tribute to Cat Power
Borgo Maggiore , San Marino Republic • Concerts • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • 22:00 pm

The essential sounds , including dark atmospheres and melancholic serenades, of what has been called the best expression of female singer-songwriters USA, a fine tribute offered by the multi-faceted and fascinating artist Francesca of Rimini Romanelli , accompanied by Glenda Fappiano and Marcello Tosi .

Cat Power , stage name of Marie Charlyn "Chan " Marshall ( Atlanta, January 21, 1972 ) , the United States, hailed as one of the best singer-songwriters that emerged in the alternative rock scene of the nineties. His compositional talent , intimate and minimal and his music , have undergone a constant evolution , from the sound "dark -folk " , made up of acoustic sounds and songs arranged in an essential way of the beginning , then passing through the assimilation of elements typical rock , gospel, blues, country and soul , to be completed with the use of electronic rhythms and funky the latest productions .

Francesca Romanelli - Vocals and guitar 
Glenda Fappiano - electric piano 
Marcello Tosi - Sax

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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A Tribute To Cat Power - In Italy Empty Re: A Tribute To Cat Power - In Italy

Post  Nicolaoua on Mon 17 Feb - 11:39

Cokelike wrote:Interesting! 

Indeed! But a sax ?  scratch

Bitchin', complainin' !

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