10/XX/06? - AOL Music, "The Interface"

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10/XX/06? - AOL Music, "The Interface"

Post  Cokelike on Mon 26 Aug - 2:53

10/XX/06? - AOL Music, "The Interface"

Intro - 0:15
Love And Communication - 3:20 
Talking - 0:20
John, John - 3:10
Interview - 32:20
Total Time - 39:25

This is the 59th performance of the year and the 34th solo performance of the year.

I'm not sure where or when this was recorded, but I think it was posted on the net by AOL on 10/7/06. It was certainly recorded sometime between 9/22/06 and 10/22/06, and it was to promote the re-issue of ''The Greatest''. My copy of this is in a 192k Mp3 and the quality is excellent. 

Chan starts with 2 solo songs with her guitar and a massive amount of reverb, she sounds like she is in a catheral! The interview starts of with a lot of humor from Chan and throughout the interview she does a lot of accents. She talks about a lot about her current plans, her sobriety, Miami, vinyl, texting, recording ''Wild As The Wind'', recording ''We Dance'', and many other things. She confirms the name of the song, ''Oh, Time'' and speaks about it. She also sings some verses of ''Crazy''. 

So you prefer vinyl to ipod or...

"Theres nothing like the sound of the, when the record is... starting its laps. But I really want to get one of those old gramophones... I cant wait to get home to my records...'' 

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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