9/17/06 - Austin, TX, Stubb's BBQ

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9/17/06 - Austin, TX, Stubb's BBQ

Post  Cokelike on Sun 25 Aug - 23:01

9/17/06 - Austin, TX, Stubb's BBQ

Setlist (incomplete):
The Greatest 
Living Proof
Could We
Where Is My Love
Since You've Been Gone
I Dont Blame You *

* solo

This is the 56th performance of the year. 




 For the record, I saw Chan play in Austin at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q last Sunday, September 17, and after she came back from a mid-set break and the Memphis Rhythm Band had played a song without her, she has a cigarette in one hand and an O’Douls non-alcoholic beer in the other, then made a comment about wanting to be a spokesperson for O’Douls someday.




Setlist (Video):
The Greatest - 0:41
Living Proof - 0:14
Could We - 0:15
Willie - 0:42
Islands 1 - 0:17
Islands 2 - 0:32
Where Is My Love - 0:58
Crazy - 1:38
I Dont Blame You - 0:53
I Dont Blame You 2 - 0:43
Total Time - 5:51

The Greatest:

Living Proof:

Could We:


Islands 1:

Islands 2:

Where Is My Love:


I Dont Blame You:

I Dont Blame You 2:

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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