Cat Power and Patti Smith

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Cat Power and Patti Smith Empty Cat Power and Patti Smith

Post  tumbleweed on Fri 21 Dec - 17:51

It's clear that Chan has been influenced by Patti Smith; she has talked about her influence in interviews, and Cat Power has opened for Patti Smith several times.
I thought it was interesting when I saw Patti Smith perform the other day, when she played her song "People Have the Power" (of course, Chan has been known to sport a T-shirt with this slogan), that Patti Smith's song has the lyric, "and the leopard and the lamb lay together truly bound..." It occurred to me that this might be the inspiration for Chan's unreleased song "The Leopard and the Lamb." Also, as Chan has explained in previous interviews, the Jackson and Jesse mentioned in "Nude as the News" are the names of Patti Smith's children. Just thought it was interesting...


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Cat Power and Patti Smith Empty Re: Cat Power and Patti Smith

Post  Nicolaoua on Fri 21 Dec - 21:13

Spot-on! thumbs up

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