7/30/04 - NYC, St. Mark's Church, "3 Cities Against the Wall Benefit"

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7/30/04 - NYC, St. Mark's Church, "3 Cities Against the Wall Benefit"

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7/30/04 - NYC, St. Mark's Church, "3 Cities Against the Wall Benefit"

Incomplete setlist:
The Greatest
The Party
Good Woman
I Dont Blame You
Blue Moon - Try A Little Tenderness - All I Have To Do Is Dream Medley
Oh Time?

This was a free show. "The Greatest" and "Oh, Time" would be really early versions if they were played. In fact this would be a first time for both of them, I think. A recording was made of the concert. Does anyone have a copy?

Fan Review

Guess what, guess what? Friday July 30th 2004 at Saint Mark's Church in New York City was one of the best Cat Power shows I seen eva. 4-eva.

Twas a benefit for a cause I wasn't quite sure which, spent too much time before drinking beers before in the graveyard outside I'm afraid to admit. But when Chan Marshall did go on, solo onstage, everyone was quiet, no one was afraid. Miss Marshall opened with a somber new chanson, called "the kid" or "the champion". This song was so so good, just like all of her new ones. There were so many moments, everything was so right. All the girls and the boys layed on the wood floors & sighed. Miss Marshall played piano then went to guitar, then back & forth, forth & back, each song a shining star.

She played "I Don't Blame You", "Names", "Blue Moon" & "Satisfaction". I'm thinking I heard also "Good Woman". "The Party" for sure was her first one on guitar, that song so mysterious, so strange away far. She did several new songs, most I can't title. But one was called "I Forgive You", one called "Why", the other "Willie Deadwilder."

For those who were there, you know exactly whereof I speak. When Cat Power sings she shines for the weak.

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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