5/11/04 - NYC, Bowery Ballroom, "Fuck Cancer Benefit"

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5/11/04 - NYC, Bowery Ballroom, "Fuck Cancer Benefit"

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5/11/04 - NYC, Bowery Ballroom, "Fuck Cancer Benefit"

Incomplete setlist:

Cat Power was one of the performers for this benefit for Jackie Farry. Also on the bill was the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Short Review

Then Cat Power came out and sucked in that charming way she has. Her voice is so pretty. Her guitar playing left something to be desired, however. She should probably could get a guitar where the cord isn’t always crackling and falling out of the jack. Or at the very least get a strap so the guitar isn’t constantly slipping out of her hands. But you know, it’s Cat Power. It was still great. She did play a pretty cool (if brief) version of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, the number one rock and roll song of all time. And at least this time she didn’t run off the stage crying at the end of her set. So I guess that’s some kind of progress.

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