7/27/03 - NYC, Central Park, Summer Stage, "Salute To Janis"

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7/27/03 - NYC, Central Park, Summer Stage, "Salute To Janis"

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7/27/03 - NYC, Central Park, Summer Stage, "Salute To Janis"


Down On Me

This was a concert put on by Big Brother & The Holding Company. As a "Salute To Janis", many musicians sang with the band and Chan was one of them. She sang "Down On Me", from the 1st Big Brother & The Holding Company album. I would love to hear/watch a copy of this performance if it's out there.

Sam Andrews of Big Brother:

When she was onstage with us, when we were actually playing "Down On Me", Chan held a tape recorder to her ear, listening to Janis Joplin sing "Down On Me". This was such a post Modern approach to learning a tune that I have never forgot Chan.

Excerpt from New York Times Review

A few singers applied their own idiosyncrasies. Lene Lovich brought her mock-operatic leaps to ''Coo-Coo.'' Chan Marshall, a k a Cat Power, had much more limited technique, but she connected with ''Down on Me,'' growling it with a punky snarl.

Unsure of photo date, but taken from Sam Andrews blog, so probably from around the time of the show.

"Ready to get depressed?" - Chan, 11/16/13

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